Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long time no update.......tis the season!

Life has been crazy as usual! That should be no excuse for not updating! (And this has turned into a VERY long post!!)

It seems like December 1st gets here and all heck breaks loose with all kinds of things to do! Neighborhood Christmas parties, Bunco parties, gearing up for the kid's class parties, I know I am not the only one!

We were able to go last weekend down to Bolivar with a group from our church to help with a Christmas Celebration at one of the Methodist Churches there. My husband had been down there one Saturday helping with some clean up efforts and been able to see it first hand, but this was the first time for the girls and I. SO very sad to see it with my own eyes. I knew it was bad, but as we got farther in on the peninsula and was able to see some of the places that we have frequented for the last 3 summers, I cried! Yes, I was sad about it, but I was crying for all that was lost there, the loss of so very much!! Bolivar will always be a special place for us, we have so many good memories there. The people that we encountered each time we were there were always so friendly and nice. Bolivar will come back, it will just take time and lots of prayer!

Here is just one of the pics I took, this is where the beach house stood that we had rented the last 2 summers. It was 3rd row. Nothing left but the slab. The man that owned this lost his three other houses as well.
Oh and it SNOWED here on Wednesday!!! In HOUSTON we had SNOW!!!!!!!!! I don't know who was more excited me or the kids!

Here are a few projects that I have been working on.
This is a pillowcase that my oldest gave her sweet friend for her birthday last week. This is different than the ones I had done before but LOVE it so much better than the others!!!

A few small zip pouch/key fob combos that a friend ordered to give as teacher gifts. You can find all of these in my my etsy shop

This is a cute little Christmas card case. Perfect to give a gift card in or hold your business cards or credit cards, also in my etsy shop. I made this towel and pot holder set to take for the gift exchange at the neighborhood ladies Christmas party.
These towels I'm keeping for ME!!