Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Camera Strap!

I recently made this camera strap to add to my etsy shop. It is made with 12 different Amy Butler and Heather Bailey fabrics. It is usually so hard for me to pick just one fabric for something so this time I just used all 12!! Oh and this one has a PINK nylon webbing strap to attach to your camera instead of the normal black, FUN!!
This second strap was a custom order for a customer in Hawaii for her son, I thought these fabrics were perfect!


Whitney said...

I love all the different fabrics together. Great work!

Linda said...

Gorgeous! I think I need to check out your Etsy shop. I have a new camera strap, but it only slides over the original.

jrene said...

Thank you! I can just never pick one fabric!!